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World Cup Zonhoven

Hermans again in a major role

This Sunday, the popular Zonhoven track received the honor of hosting the first World Cup of the season on European soil. Representing Tormans Cyclo Cross Team, Marie Schreiber and Zoé Backstedt were the first to race with the Women Elites. Denise Betsema dominated the event by winning well in front of World Champion Lucinda Brand. 17-year-old Zoe Backstedt made it into the top 20, while Marie Schreiber, returning from three World Cup rounds in the USA, took 34th place.

An hour and a half later, Quinten Hermans, Kevin Kuhn, Corné Van Kessel and Théo Thomas also battled in the Limburg sand. Second the day before at Ruddervoorde, Hermans was again among the leading role, with Toon Aerts, Lars van der Haar, Eli Iserbyt and Laurens Sweeck. In a thrilling race, the Belgian of Tormans Cyclo Cross Team responded to the many attacks, and was part of a group of six strongmen leading on the penultimate lap.

In the final quarter of an hour, Hermans stepped up the pressure, but it was Toon Aerts who eventually grabbed the lead, building up a 20-second gap which he never gave up. Quinten Hermans finished fifth, Corné Van Kessel eighth, Swiss champion Kevin Kuhn was 13th and Théo Thomas finished 23rd. In the individual World Cup standings, Hermans retains his provisional second place.

“This cyclo-cross in Zonhoven is often underestimated, the steep downhill section is a very well known technical obstacle, but the rest of the course is also very demanding. I'm happy with my performance today, and the good feeling I got from it is worth more than my 8th place. I took advantage of all my strength, thanks to my osteopath who found a solution to treat my pelvis and my neck, which were affected following my crash in Waterloo. At first I struggled a bit to find my place, but then I followed my own pace. I was able to hold on to the end and fight for 7th. I continue to work to maintain these good feelings, hoping that my perseverance will bring me good results in the coming weeks! "


Elite men
1.Toon AertsTrek Lions58:58
2.Lars van der HaarTrek Lions+0:10
3.Eli IserbytPauwels Sauzen Bingoal+0:14
5.Tormans CX+0:26
Elite Women
1.Denise BetsemaPauwels Sauzen Bingoal47:44
2.Lucinda BrandTrek Lions+0:46
3.Ceylin del Carmen AlvaradoAlpecin Fenix+1:08

General Classification