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NAQI® is massage partner of Tormans Cyclo Cross Team

NAQI® is massage partner of Tormans Cyclo Cross Team

The riders of Tormans Cyclo Cross Team use the extended product range of NAQI® since the start of season 2020-2021. The paramedical staff and riders use the lotions and other products of the Belgian manufacturer to warm up, keep cool or recover before, during and after training and racing. A close relationship with athletes and medical teams lies at the base of the continuous optimization process of the products of the family-owned company. The feedback of the cyclocross riders of the Tormans Cyclo Cross Team and athletes from other sports is very valuable for NAQI® in order to develop products tailored to the athlete and to keep innovating. 

Quinten Hermans:
« Both the lotions and other products are very good. I use the products of NAQI® almost daily, like the shower gel, the recovery cream or the towels. I also don't have to worry about the coldest winter days, because we’re well protected thanks to the warming oil. »

« At the moment, we’re testing two new products in the team. The Warming Stick is perfect for use on our back, because it can be applied easily without getting our hands dirty, and it doesn’t leave oil on our clothes. The Rapid Clean is really tailored for cyclocross riders. When applying before showering, the dirt is easily rinsed and in addition, the skin is fed. With NAQI®’s extended product range, we can take care of ourselves all year long in all circumstances! »

Nik Geyskens (NAQI®):
«To ensure that NAQI® products meet the level of expectations and requirements of every athlete, it is essential for the NAQI® team to receive feedback from user experience. We are therefore delighted to be able to work with the Tormans CX Team. This mutual interaction will allow NAQI® products to be refined and enable new opportunities for further product development. Thanks to the input from the riders and the staff, we can provide proper care, protection and recovery for both professional and amateur cyclists. »